Demo at #OCR2019

The SkyMul team was invited to demo their SkyTy technology at Operation Convergent Response (OCR) held at the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA from November 19 to 21. OCR is hosted by Verizon and Nokia showcasing proven and emerging technologies working together in multiple disaster scenarios. SkyTy was chosen to show the coming future of rebuilding a community after a wildfire.

Wildfire Scenario @ #OCR2019

Leveraging drones enables a faster recovery and return to normalization for the community while using less resources. When critical infrastructure is knocked out getting aid, manpower, and other resources in can be quite challenging and restoring it quickly can provide much needed social and economic enhancements to the affected community. SkyTy plays an integral role in accomplishing this by reducing the time and manpower required to tie rebar. By offloading tying to drones existing manpower can be retasked to other installation work accelerating the speed of rebar install and follow critical task of the concrete pour.