The FARM Demo Day

On Friday, November 9, 2018 the SkyMul team graduated from The FARM. It was an incredible day filled with amazing presentations that varied from B2B services, consumer apps, distributed computing, and virtual reality companies. More on our cohort and demo day can be read here. We took the stage at the Coca-Cola Roxy with our fellow cohort members to pitch SkyTy.

The SkyTy system at a glance.

SkyTy is a revolutionary service which utilizes autonomous drones to complete rebar tying. In the construction industry, concrete structures require the tying of reinforcement bars prior to the pour. This vital task keeps the bars in place during the pour and allows them to give concrete its strength. Rebar, which largely tied by hand, is a time consuming and dangerous task that can be sped up and made safer with the use of drones as a mobile manipulation platform.

Bridge decks and tilt up walls, with their large horizontal surface area, represent a beachhead application in the construction market. Beyond the beachhead application, opportunities for rebar tying are numerous and opportunities for mobile manipulation more so.