Industrial Manipulation Drones for Rebar Tying

Technicans prep, configure, and manage drones for the job. By keeping the system running with tie materials and fresh batteries. Allowing your labor to focus on more challenging tasks. 

SkyTy leverages machine learning and computer vision to map the work area and locate rebar intersections. Operating automonously to find, classify, and plan the work to be done. 

Compared to Manual Tying

84% Less Labor
2.4x Faster
32% Cheaper

Each drone can land, tie, and take off regardless of the other. If a drone or its tie tool breaks, it can be swapped out for a spare. Forming a modular, flexible, and robust system. Combining the tenets of flexible automation and smart tools from the manufacturing industry for the construction field.

Since a job can have varying work area sizes and changes in schedule, SkyTy is flexible and scalable. If a schedule needs to be compressed, more drones can be added to complete the job faster.  If the area changes, drones can be removed or added to accommodate the need.

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